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Likely to a show is an event like no other. It gives you the ability to see what an artist is actually capable of. Sometimes you underestimate their talent. You might think they are able to only sing, but you'd be surprised at just how many artists can sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments. After all, they're musicians! Unfortunately, there are several things that can ruin you concert experience. Some you have no control over, but others you have complete control of. If an artist doesn't have some of the qualities in the above list, your concert experience may not be that great, but there is nothing you can certainly do to make them better. However, if you attend a show and your seats are terrible; this might ruin your concert experience. Having nose bleed seats is never fun, but put your tissues away when you won't be sitting up that high ever again!

Odds are the final time you visited a show, you waited until the tickets went on sale at the local box office or called up Ticketmaster via phone. After waiting in line and/or being added to hold for thirty minutes or more, you had been probably told either the function was sold out or that the only real tickets that left were 300 level seats. Now, you might have bought these tickets or you might have paid near double permanently seats from the scalper, but these two situations suck. So how do you get great concert tickets at face value? Buy presale concert tickets!

Presale concert tickets are tickets that go for sale before the overall sale to the general public, and are usually available through Ticketmaster online. A share of tickets for the show are reserve and a presale password is normally required to access the tickets. These passwords could be obtained by joining fan clubs, receiving email newsletters, or for free online! After you get the presale password for the function you are attempting to buy tickets to, the procedure is simple. You go to the function page, enter the presale password in the room that is provided, search for your tickets, and find them when you're most satisfied.

TIP: Open two different browsers (ex: FireFox and Internet Explorer) in order to conduct two searches. This will give you to be able to be sure you get the most effective seats available.

The ball has become in your court. Concerts are great fun, but bad seats can ruin your experience. Make use of this information to get yourself great seats to another location concert you will, and take pleasure in the show the way you should!